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CommSystems Managed Satellite Network Services

CommSystems Offers Fully Managed Satellite Network Services to Enterprises and Government Organizations

Satellite communications technology can be complicated if it is not your company’s core business. Staying up-to-date with evolving networking technologies can be a big drain on your company’s resources.
CommSystems Managed Network Service offering focuses on satellite based networks that provide toll-quality Voice, high speed Data, Intranet, and Internet Access to remote or offshore locations. This relieves our customers from the burden of capital investment and hiring additional technical experts to build and operate their own satellite network.

Our Managed Services business approach is technology-neutral with the aim of providing you with the most optimum solution.

Our technical and business experts will work with you to come up with a customized solution that meets your business objectives.

Managed Satellite Network Services Offering:

24/7 Monitored and fully Managed Satellite Network

Broadband Connectivity for Voice, Data, Video, Intranet, and Internet Access
Advanced platforms providing high performance and bandwidth efficient satellite access

Seamless Integration with customer’s backbone and LAN environment including Telephony (PBX) and Data

Shared or dedicated HUB solutions

Managed Satellite Network Services Customer Benefits:

Focus on your core business rather than getting distracted by issues associated with operating your own network

Reduce investment capital and technology risk

Cost-effective Customized solution tailored to your specific needs

Advanced Network Management providing fast restoration time in case of failures

Single point of contact