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Satellite Technology Expertise

VSAT Networks

CommSystems has significant experience in data networking technology over satellite through the use of VSATs. Expertise includes system design (business needs, traffic requirement analysis, architecture design), vendor technology assessment, network planning, installation/integration, and operations.

Rural Telephony DAMA Networks

n emerging nations that are growing faster that their telephone infrastructure, satellite based telephone networks have been an extremely cost effective solution to extending telephone service into unserved and underserved area. The CommSystems team has installed multiple networks with a variety of technologies including SCPC, SCPC-DAMA, and TDMA-DAMA. Expertise includes architectural requirements, erlang traffic analysis, ancillary service integration (data, video, etc.), system installation, and integration. CommSystems personnel has worked with customers on telephony systems in all areas of the world, including Russia, China, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa.

Major Satellite Earth Stations and Subsystems

CommSystems also has experience in the design and integration of large open network (INTELSAT, EUTELSAT, etc.) and closed private network satellite earth stations. Detailed knowledge of IDR and IBS services on platforms as varied as full standard A and B stations to VSATs on standard G/Z antennas.