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Satellite and Fixed Wireless Systems Consulting Services

CommSystems can provide expert consulting services to help you in the design, procurement, or management of satellite and fixed wireless communications networks.  Whether you are a satellite equipment manufacturer thinking about an acquisition, or an end-user confused about technology choices, CommSystems has the knowledge and experience to help you make your decisions

Management Consulting

CommSystems managers' have run satellite businesses ranging from satellite products (modems, RF transceivers) to satellite systems (VSAT and DAMA systems). With graduate engineering educations from institutions such as Stanford and MIT, and business degrees from Harvard Business School and Berkeley, CommSystems' experts have the skill sets necessary to provide in-depth analysis on industry position, competitor profiles, entry/exit strategies, and organizational structure.

Network Consulting

CommSystems can also provide network design services on a consulting basis. Deciding which technologies are most applicable to your network requirements is a difficult job, but it can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in system costs. CommSystems has also helped customers run tenders, making sure the bidders can be compared on an even basis and helping to negotiate the lowest cost. If you're considering a large satellite system, why let your vendors be the only ones with real satellite technology expertise.