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Satellite Internet POP-In-A-Box

- Remote Internet "Point-of-Presence" System by Satellite
- Extends an ISP's Market Reach in Emerging Regions
- Provides From 3 to 120 Dial-up / ISDN Lines for Internet Access
- Provides Cost Effective TCP/IP Connectivity to the ISP's Gateway
- Built-in local "Help" telephone lines and modem redundancy  allow unmanned operation



CommSystems offers cost effective internet access to developing regions with it's Satellite POP-In-A-Box system. Satellite POP-In-A-Box provides internet service providers (ISPs) with a simple, inexpensive way to provide local internet access to under-served regions in developing countries. The heart of the system is a small, low-cost remote earth station with integrated remote access server. The access server supports a large number of local dial-up or ISDN connections that are aggregated into a single stream for satellite transmission to an internet gateway. This allows a regional ISP to offer remote service simply by installing a Satellite POP-In-A-Box station and providing capacity through their main gateway.

Simple Unmanned Operation

POP-In-A-Box provides simple unmanned internet connection service in the region where it's installed. The integrated Access Server provides local dial-up connections for customers. These connections are aggregated and sent over the satellite to a central earth station at the ISP's main facility. In this way, the traffic from the remote region looks just like the traffic from the ISP's main facility. Satellite POP-In-A-Box also provides one or more voice lines from the remote station. This allows regional customers to call a local telephone number for help, and more importantly allows the ISP to provide the regional customer service through their existing technical staff.

Efficient Cost Effective Transmission

Satellite POP-In-A-Box provides efficient, cost effective transmission of the internet traffic. The satellite link provides a dedicated synchronous data circuit to the main hub that operates at variable data rates. The transmit and receive data rates are completely independent allowing asymmetric links to be set up to optimize the satellite bandwidth. Download traffic capacity from the internet can be sized at five or ten times the upload capacity, saving 40% over symmetric links. The averaging of multiple dial-up lines provides for optimized usage of the dedicated circuit. In addition, high performance Reed-Solomon satellite coding is used to save an addition 20% to 40% on the satellite transmission charges.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

POP-In-A-Box provides centralized management and administration tools to reduce site visits and allow remote optimization. Modem statistics, module alarms, and satellite performance can all be monitored from the central site. Spare modems can be installed allowing automatic route-around upon failures. Satellite transmission rates can also be set remotely to optimize the performance of the network.