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CommSystems Connects Louisana University Marine Consortium with Satellite Communications.
Posted on 13-07-2006 Email To Friend    Print Version    Photos

Press Release


CommSystems Connects Louisana University Marine Consortium with Satellite Communications

LUMCON vessel R/V Pelican joins HiSeasNet for Communications While at Sea

July 13, 2006 -- CommSystems announced that they are providing the Louisiana University Marine Consortium (LUMCON) with a shipboard satellite earth station system for its research vessel the R/V Pelican.  This will allow the LUMCON researchers to connect to the University based HiSeasNet satellite network that provides research vessels real-time communications while at sea.  Using E-mail, Internet connectivity, VoIP telephony, as well as uploading research data can now be done in while at sea improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the LUMCON research projects.

CommSystems is using the new 1.0 meter Ku-band antenna system from Seatel. This antenna platform has an extremely small footprint and taking up much less of the valuable deck space on the ship. This allows even smaller ships to have full time telephone and Internet access at sea. This system is optimized for regional operations in and around the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean waters, where the Pelican performs most of its research projects.  The antenna automatically points to and tracks a geostationary satellite, adapting to the pitch, roll, and yaw of the ship's motion in real-time regardless of sea conditions.

The system connects to a large land-based earth station system that was also provided by CommSystems, and is based at the University of California, San Diego.  CommSystems provided two 7 meter C-band antennas, and a 3.8 meter Ku-band antenna on top of the San Diego SuperComputer Center allowing UCSD's HighSeasNet direct access to both the Internet, and the University-based Internet2 network.

CommSystems is a system integrator of satellite communication networks for Internet, telephony, data, video, and audio broadcast applications.

For More Information Contact:

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6440 Lusk Boulevard, D-100, San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: 858-824-0056
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Fixed Wireless Systems
July 23, 2006

CommSystems has recently upgraded it's website to reflect our work on fixed wireless access systems. These are typically point-to-multipoint systems for local Internet and Telephony connections.

We also have integrated mixed satellite and fixed wireless systems for a combination long distance and last mile wireless solution. More to come.