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Links to cool tools for Satellite Engineers

Erlang Calculator > Quick calculation of # of lines lines vs blocking probability and erlang traffic.

Azimuth/Elevation Calculator > Satellite finder with magnetic north, azimuth & elevation calculato.

Latitude/Longitude Lookup > look up numbers for major world cities (if you don't have an atlas handy).

Magnetic Declination Map > US and Worldwide compass correction angles.

Sun Outage Calculator - It's only a few minutes a year, but it's nice to know when...

Foreign Exchange History - Great site to see how stable a country's currency has been.


Credit Card Foreign Exchange Rates - Useful for expense reports (typical +2%).

Satellite News - Daily press releases from Via Satellite Magazine.

Internet Traffic Report - Let's you know if that wait for your web page is due to bacbone traffic or your ISP.

Satellite Locations - Where's that satellite and what's on it.

Satellite Alignment Calculator - A free satellite pointing az/el web application using google maps. Shows the usual data, plus draws an alignment on google maps for siting.

More Satellite Tools - Great site of miscellaneous tools (LNB saturation, noise figure vs. temp., VSWR loss calculator, etc.) written by Jens Satre.