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Company Background

CommSystems was founded in 1996 by Preston Vorlicek and Ronald Nitz to provide system integration services in the satellite communications industry. CommSystems is headquartered in San Diego's northern technology region.

Recognizing the gap between needs of business organizations and their respective satellite technology capabilities, CommSystems has built a team of experienced, telecommunications executives, engineers, and program managers to help businesses capitalize on all the capabilities that advanced telecommunications solutions can offer.

CommSystems' sister company in Europe is Paradigm Communications. Located just outside of London, they specialize in satellite communications equipment and services throughout Europe.

Company Bios

Company Expertise

Establishment of a complete, nationwide telephone company infrastructure for alternative carriersWeek.

Design and implementation of complete "alternative networks" for private and public businesses and organizations throughout the world offering voice, data, and video services.

Design and implementation of Internet access networks providing both backbone networks for developing world ISPs as well as corporate access networks for remote office locations.

CommSystems has worked with customers and projects all over the world, including countries such as Mexico, Korea, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, Yemen, Poland, France, England, Canada, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, and of course, the U.S.